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The Brand

Oriental Glamour is an Egyptian brand born in Switzerland. It was launched in 2018 by Noha ELrefai with the vision of:

⁃ Unveiling the hidden jewels of Egypt and the Middle East.
- Bridging Eastern and Western cultures through artisan work that reflects Egyptian heritage, current civilization and future inspiration
⁃ Empowering young Egyptian talents and help them flourish internationally as they do in the local and Middle Eastern markets.

The brand offers handmade silver and gold jewelry pieces crafted by highly talented Egyptian designers, with innovative, uniquely functional and timeless designs. By blending the heritage of unique jewelry craftsmanship with modern and avant-garde trends, the result is exotic and authentic creations; each telling a story that is deeply rooted in the culture, yet carrying a modern and trendy feel and look.

Social Responsibility:
We are committed to providing high quality yet sustainable pieces, and are conscious of our social and environmental responsibility.

We believe that sustainability goes beyond simply using recycled materials and should promote mindful consumption. Many of our pieces can be worn interchangeably, to suit different styles and have timeless designs that promote longevity.