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Our Designers


Jude Benhalim

Jude Benhalim is a young, Cairo-based jewelry designer who founded her namesake brand when she was just 17 years old. All it took was one creative design project in high school and Jude jumped into the design world head first with her mother and partner, Rana Alazm. Having lived her entire life in Egypt, Jude who later graduated from the American university in Cairo with a Film degree grew up in the ideal environment for pursuing design. She draws upon her family’s unique roots and her vibrant surroundings to create intricately handcrafted pieces with a modern female spirit in mind, empowering women to powerfully embrace and express their individuality with bold, yet flattering, pieces. Jude is constantly on the lookout for new ideas to bring to her designs, and is inspired by the women who wear her cutting-edge designs as much as the women who fill her life. She understands the unique balance between tradition and modernity, boldness and femininity. With these nuances in mind, Jude honors women and the intricacy of a woman’s spirit in each carefully crafted design for her brainchild.


Islam Khalil 

Islam Khalil is a Cairo Based jewelry designer, who has worked with his father - a renowned jeweler in Cairo - amidst the most talented silver artisans since the age of 14. 

Starting off as help for his father who ran errands for the workshop, to learning all the silver craft techniques, to working with clients, to eventually growing to become the manager of his father’s company, Islam gained priceless experience and knowledge. 

Alongside working with his father, Islam studied art education at Helwan University. Post graduation in 2007, he began noticing a pattern in the jewelry designs being produced locally at the time, and wanted to offer jewelry buyers new and fresh designs.

From there, he began drawing jewelry designs from scratch - something he hadn’t done before. After hours and hours of sketching, he chose a few of the drawings, computerizing them and produced them. To his disappointment, he hated the final produced versions, and eventually threw them right back into the melting pot. 

From that point on, he stuck to producing clients’ requests and it wasn’t until 5 years later, when he would take the step towards designing again. He made a collection of unrelated pieces, and sold them with his father’s work. Two years later, he plugged in his ear phones, listened to foreign Asian music he did not comprehend the words to, founded S Designs, and launched his first and best-selling collection, the Sun Collection. 

Today, Islam has found the design aesthetic true to who he is, and aims at putting S Designs on the international market with a distinct identity, while managing his father’s company and clients.  

Shahnaz Abdel Rassoul

Mimzo, connects with the feminine, free spirited inner child in you.

Mimzo Jewellery was born from Shahnaz'deep conviction that a woman should wear pieces that reflect her mystical nature and help her be in touch with her inner beauty.

She has always had a strong imagination and was drawn to nature and how it expressed its beauty and power through vibrant colors.

She was also blessed with a father who, as an architect, noticed and encouraged her love of design from a young age. He instilled in her a sense of proportions and an understanding of the relationships between geometry and positive energy.

In 2015 , after overcoming a health challenge, her creativity found a new outlet : She began designing pieces of jewellery that spoke to her inner child. And while she was enjoying wearing them, people around her started to take notice and spurred her on to start creating pieces for others

The knowledge she had gained from her father and her belief in the power of a woman’s true colors sowed the seeds for designing jewellery that would touch and inspire women.

Each piece is crafted with a purpose and an inspiring message. She uses diamonds, 18k gold, sterling silver, and colorful gemstones which bring a positive vibrant energy to all her designs.

MIMZO jewellery won the honorary award in the Cairo Design awards 2018, presented by acclaimed jewelry designer Azza Fahmy.

MIMZO jewelry is proudly hand made in Egypt.